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Half of the People on the Internet are using some kind of mobile device or tablet. Have you created your app yet?

The smart phone has revolutionized how people use the Internet whether you use it for business management, sales, CRM (customer relationship management), social media, or email this device has become more than just a phone. The time has come to seriously consider integration of a mobile-friendly version of all your mission critical assets: i.e. web site, sales material, applications, data, databases, demos, etc.

The rapid growth of the mobile web shows no signs of diminishing anytime soon and mobile internet use has worked its way into the consumer’s use of the internet and their devices on the go. Use of mobile social networks and apps are increasing popularity and growing every day, have you integrated your site for this growth?

Types of Mobile Solutions

These days, 50-60% of online traffic is viewed on some kind of mobile device. Is your site ready?

There are many different ways to deliver your content to these devices via a custom responsive web design(RWD), a mobile web site, mobile application, etc. The most common is a responsive web design utilizing a common framework like Bootstrap & Foundation or using a custom coding solution per your project scope. But sometimes you need an app for your business we can prototype and build your app. Contact us today for all your mobile web services.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

A responsive web site layout is recommended to those clients who want their web sites to be displayed uniformly on a variety of devices, platforms and screen sizes/viewports. This type of layout will automatically adjust to each and every screen and browsing experience so there isn’t any more frustrating scrolling or zooming while on your device. This approach was crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience for all viewing devices but it does have its drawbacks depending on certain functionality requirements.

Adaptive Layout

You may need an adaptive layout, which uses several distinct layouts per the device or screen size/viewport to display the web site. This layout allows the web site to have more functionality and design options but it does not display the best on all the different screen sizes. We will consult with you to determine the optimal solution for your web site.

Mobile Applications

For the client that requires a more specific experience we recommend developing a mobile application. A native app provides a specific app with features that are not available with a web site such as being offline, device hardware features (camera, GPS, accelerometer, etc.) security, cloud or data sync, and many more options. Let us work with you to build your next application to increase your exposure in the mobile environment.

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